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My 1st Time

Someone ask me to write my blog in english.i refused coz i know i always use a broken english in my daily life.So to challenge myself, today i would like to write my blog in english.If there is mistake in my write please inform me as soon as possible using this blog or u can contact ur nearest supermarket for more details.(glad if any supermarket know me)

'My 1st Time'. I choose My 1st Time as a title of my today's blog not because i have done something 'special'(wah..wah..wah...) in my life or this is my 1st time write my writing in english.Actually it is because this is my 1st time having Ramadhan in overseas(Japan).Can u imagine fasting in the middle of non-muslim area..there is no bazaar,no azan,no terawih,no tadarus n so on if we as a muslim not do it.Then u can c everybody eating n eating seem like they can't stop eating while u fasting..so horrible la...Althought this the 1st day of ramadhan,i have to go to work(gasolin station)...there r many thing i wat to write in today blog,but seem like time jealous at me n i have to stop it..i will tell u bout my other '1st time'..see me soon..bye2..

*tribute to kakak shireen andria ......(i forgot name..gomennasai)

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aMaryLLiXe said...

yo oiyour....glad u try to write in english. is not the matter of right grammar or anything. is the matter of improving ur english. as we can c, now we live our daily life in Japanese or Malay. so haven't had any chance to use our english skills. so here's da chance..

by da way, ur english writing same je like mine. gucha gucha pn x pe.hehe

aNep said...

haha...nice to read ur english write on dis page.i feel like im reading-reading english novelist.ur english is veri2 good.i olso want to write english but feel-feel i cannot go...hope u can continue write in english in the 2nd time...english is fun-fun....hahahhahahahahahahahaaah

amimumemo said...

waaa...so good la my friend here.. keep it up dude! it has been like months i haven't read english. can't wait for your next post. (^^)

hijz said...

yo.. oyo... kalo nk dgr azan ke, atau pn nk bertarawih, tadarus gi la masjid hachioji.

aku kat tokai ni x dpt gi lagi.. kalo ade kesempatan zehi2 issyoni ikou ze.

aweks kuden said...

u very der very good lah oiyour. not bad at all. compare with other japanese ka.. cik tat ke, nik wafdi ka.. your english nice one. but you cannot celen rosemary's english la. watever pun, i wish u gud luck fasting in japan. u can always come to my house if you want to break the fast tugeder2 ok.

thanks for coming to my house just now. next time i buat makan2 i'll invite u again, kay.

oiyour said...

your guy very supporting la..i respect u all..thanks for the nice smooth comment..
wait for my next post..thank again

andriashirin said...

wah.... i'm so touched :). Though ada la grammar errors here and there, it's ok. Yang penting u tried... Hopefully this won't be ur first n last time writing in english ye...

aini andria shirin anuarudin :)

oiyour said...

it wont be over..i ll try to write my blog in english for next post

odah said...

haha..nice try..
rasa nye ni cam first time je
ko pkir dulu before ko
cakap english kan..
biasenye ko bedal je..hihi..
benkyou ni narimasu~