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Mengandungi seribu satu kata yang mengungkap seribu satu cerita di dalam seribu satu suasana yang lahir dari seribu satu jiwa .

What do you thing?

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This story is about man name Syukri (not adib syukri atau syuk atau sesiape pun)
Early morning he wake up,and 'Yeah Yeah' on his bed,
What Happen dude? ask his roommate.
He said I'm pregnant..
Are you nut?? How come you can get pregnant?..who are u sleeping with last night?.
Me??,no no no!! you must be mistaken..If i'm sleeping with someone,i'm wearing all those protection..you must be mistaken!!..i can't accept it..i don't want a baby right now..
This is my last wish..take care of you nad your baby..i'm gone..AAAAAA!!!!!
Syukri numb watching his roommate jump over the apartment without thinking..!!
What suppose he do? is he a killer?? is person who tells a joke is a killer??
Syukri left the apartment after the incident..
What suppose he do?? he write a lyric and send it to Warner Music..
the title is 'Angel brought me here'
what a lovely lyric..
syukri change his name to Shawn Ricky..
this story not about him anymore..This story just about Syukri.