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today is never tomorrow

today, i woke up n suddenly feels like im alone..am i alone??..the answer is no..im not alone..b4 take my sahur, my brother call my name few time because i sleeping alone in my upstairs room. take my sahur in a half conscious n brush my teeth n i didn't feels anything..my body just move automatically ..what happen to me..sound sad but the fact is im happy.why im happy..because today is my 1st day pray solat jumaat at masjid. although there is no one who regonize me but im still happy. but there is always a sad story behind the happiness..i don't know y but i just happen. i got a bad mood today. because i feels so bored.i dont know what to do..im a robot person. if they want me to do something they should ask or force me to do it. otherwise i pretend it didn't happen.
start from next week i try to plan my daily life so i didnt get bore...i hope so....y next week? because next week is not gonna be same from this week...the specialties only God knows..me?
still sleeping alone in my room..my huge room with full of emptiness ..

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Sal D. Miza said...

let me try..

oiyour said...

try what?

Sal D. Miza said...

entertain u?

oiyour said...

ok..entertain laa

qasim said...

not bad ko nyer english oiyour...and from me, i suggest u to go anywhere(jln2)...huhu..jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan..haha