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Journey to the west. episode 2

fuhhh..setelah penat melayar bahtera aku ..aku pun berhenti di satu pit stop..tetibe je..penat2 aku tunggu lame2 rupe rupenyer,minyak tak isi2 dari tadi..perghh menyirap aku..dan time aaku nak hentak je depan bahtera aku tu..akk...Aku bgn dari lena...terbuai oleh mimpi bahtera..selamat tak basah tgh...hihihi
permulaan journey yang tak best langsung...hari nie aku bertema kan serba itam..tak tau nape..tapi sebb tu je baju yang aku bwak ..aku gi sarapn,makan mee rebus putrajya..
boleh tahan la..tapi mahal..n pada sarapan kali tu la aku dapat lihat kakitangn kerajaan kat sane ade yang makan sarapn pada pukul 11 pagi..sungguh awal mereka2 itu..hihihi
My journey starting at 7pm when hafiz took me to one of the chinese muslim restaurant at somewhere laa..i also dont where is it.but the restaurant name is HOmes i think.
there, i ate very2 the best mee curry along with barley ice.Mangat also there.he ordered tomyam with rice along with mango the best la..i dont know what is it..at Homes i mate some new friends but not new sgtla but new la..hafiz's friend.because they always talk in english ,so they influence me to talk in english rite now,even my english very very poor,but i try la my best to write todays post in english.can i ah?
After we had a dinner at homes we move on to bukit bintang where human live at night.i can c the true dark of bukit bintang at night.if musab go there he can keep his eye close laaa..sampah yang berkeliaran...is it fun?

hahaha...butt our main purpose not to c those thing but i want to support one of my new friend jin hackman to battle in speech contest at cloth and cleft restaurant tonight.
it is not an ordinary speech contest,it is a battle rapping.those who can condem their opponent
very well they will be a winner.so after take one or two shoot of mamak's barley ice we went straight to the restaurant to start jin's engine.
at the 1st stage jin's opponent is a black man."YOU KNOW MAN, I HATE BLACK PEOPLE,THEY ALWAYS DO WITH THEIR WAY,THERE IS NO RULES INSIDE THEIR MIND,I CANNOT COUPE WITH THEM"i heard somebody complaint about black guys at the back.dont care bout it...That the spirit of three bear..kugaaa

1st stage..jin won...2nd stage he meet friend of that black guys..also black guy..'WTF' said Jin...haha..1st stage..Jin conquer

ow..i forget bout hafiz..maaa..hafiz just stand there n just watching his stomach grow bigger anf bigger...hahaha..soory S(kerel call him with that )hafiz n his stomach

MAngat ..hmmm...watching for his new man..upsssMAn that mangat searching for

hot chicks...waaa

unfortunately,jin lose in his 2nd stage..maybe because the guys is soo black,so he cam critics white man such as jin easily or maybe jin lose his tempo or something i dont know..maa..what a difficult world.haha..but it a pretty fun to c [eople make fun to their oppenent..
you have tried JIN..well done..even you fail..hihi

sape kenal nie?orang jahat dalm siri captain boleh..hihih

for Jin ,it is just a training.there is another big test for him next week..his new album.. i have heard all his song..i really impressive with his work..well done JIN..
if you want to hear his work you can buy it at my friend, hafiz.or u can hear itat my blog..if i get their permission to upload it..
Thanks to those who drive me sampai bukit bintang n take me to the dinner..
i really appreciatte it..thanks again
then i went back,n felt asleep...

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