Penglipur Lara

Mengandungi seribu satu kata yang mengungkap seribu satu cerita di dalam seribu satu suasana yang lahir dari seribu satu jiwa .

Two is better than one

When i see you i smile,
My heart pounding hard even just looking at you,
When something goes wrong i feels you ,
And the problem solve like a wind blows.

Its true i am a bad person,
Not a perfect person,
Im not looking for a perfect relation,
But search for a key for a heart lock.

You just suit for me,
Maybe its just for me and not for others,
Nevermind because its me who is the owner of this heart,
The heart that loving you from the bottom to the top.

I cannot promise the future,
I cant predict the future,
I just want you to know,
I see you in me and thats all i want to know.

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wannybunny said...

wow, thanks dear :D