Penglipur Lara

Mengandungi seribu satu kata yang mengungkap seribu satu cerita di dalam seribu satu suasana yang lahir dari seribu satu jiwa .

He just like a pig

I walk down the street,
Saw a million of ugly dirt,
Thought there was a flood,
But it was the effect of the pig.

He walking alone in the middle of the dirt,
taking care just only his beg,
Nobody want to near him,
Afraid of his bad mouth n stinky smell,
Of course he just a pig.

If i given a chance i want to kill him,
If i given a knife i want to cut him,
Coz he so selfish n dirty,
And bcoz he just a pig.

When i look back what i have done,
I never thought he is the ugly pig,
He just a pig with different nose,
His attitude make everyone who knew him vomit.

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