Penglipur Lara

Mengandungi seribu satu kata yang mengungkap seribu satu cerita di dalam seribu satu suasana yang lahir dari seribu satu jiwa .

Annethena been ground

I woke up it was afternoon,
Riding my bike go to school,
Saw a dozen of worms died,
And also annethena fainted .
What just happen i cant remember,
I just help her sit and call an ambulance,
5 minutes later her father came with car,
Take her from me and slap me,
What i did?? ,
U just take advantage on her,
I remain lying on the ground,
Better not to help her if this is the reward,
2 weeks i didnt see annethena anywhere,
She being grounded perhaps,
What remain in my mind,
The way adult judge our life..

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