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Mengandungi seribu satu kata yang mengungkap seribu satu cerita di dalam seribu satu suasana yang lahir dari seribu satu jiwa .

Collapse in the middle

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I sit among the strangers,
Looking at like im a monster,
Eye to eye seem nothing happen,
In the back they start evolutioning.

Im sick but im not takibg drug,
They happy coz they taking drug,
Im collapse in the middle of stranger,
They cheering like nothing happen in the middle.

Face the truth we are stranger,
Not like them we are steanger,
What happen now n then is up to us,
Bcoz nobody would care except us.


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Dont look back the pink

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Today is friday,
What a beautiful day,
Shining but somehow turn cloudy,
We are lucky the cloud away from us.

Feel fire up with a booster of the new,
Challenging the black as a beginning,
Waiting for a miracle to come up,
In the end the pink come with blacky bodyguard.

We just playing among us,
I not looking at u,
People just realize i aiming for u,
Coz i numb when looking the pink of u.

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Stuck in fire

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When i get up it still dark,
Exactly six o click,
Is it i oversleep or i didnt sleep,
The question u cant answer if you live alone.

Wash my head take a shower,
Brush my teeth wear a cloth,
Prepare for dinner pr maybe supper,
Its the thing if you live alone.

Feel hungry ready for cook,
The pan still wet yet spread the oil,
When they combine explode my arm,
That the pain if you cook alone.

Alone in a pain feel like an ill,
An ill that cant be cure,
For the person who know nothing,
Nothing but himself.

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I knows nothing

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I wake up it was 10,
I'm late for school,
Scroll up my blanket,
Lets the late be an absence.

Wake up call from my girlfriend,
Asking for the solution,
Even didn't come i can answer it
My girlfriend left me coz she got E for that test.

I knows nothing,
Pretending knows everything,
For people respecting me,
But in the end it doesnt even matter.

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He is a women

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Today is saturday,
I go to cinema watching movie,
It was horrible movie,
But i'm glad i sat near him

He not realized that i watched him,
I'm his secret admire,
Not because i'm gay,
But i know he is a women.

Everytime we play football he always absend,
Everytime we go swimming his mother always grounded him,
The last time we do thing together is when we cook for an event n he loving it,
That the reason i knew he is a women.

He pretending just because he want to be alone,
But he's not alone,
I always watching him,
Wait for the right moment,
To reveal who he are..

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Apa yang paling menggembirakan dalam hidup? Ahah soalan skema tp wajib jawab!

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jawapannya adalah nyawa..kita gembira dalam hidup sebb kita bernyawa

Hanya aku yang tau..Tanyalah!!